Who We Are

TRIO Central Texas was organized in 2014 and is a chapter of Transplant Recipients International Organization that focuses on support, advocacy, education, and donor awareness.

TRIO Central Texas has worked steadily to promote donor awareness by having representation at health fairs and providing programs about organ and tissue transplantation to various civic and religious organizations.  We also host transplant support group meetings in our communal areas.

We held out dedication ceremony for Amy’s House on December 13, 2020.  Due to the weather and the restrictions created by the pandemic, we had a small ceremony inside the house.  We hosted our first family on January 4, 2021.  Amy’s House is now fully open to provide affordable temporary housing for transplant patients, living donors, and their caregivers.  Our executive director, Mrs. Phyllis Renfrow and our house managers, Cynthia Riley and Pamela Warren are doing a great job of making our guests feel at home while continuing to follow a strict sanitation protocol.  Our occupancy has really picked up in the past year after a slow start in January of 2021.  Usually, the house shelters at least four or five families per night.

The video below is a quick clip of our official dedication ceremony with Amy’s children cutting the ribbon.

Please watch the next short video about a journey from tragedy to hope and highlights the lives of Amy and her lung recipient, Carrie, showing the importance of organ donation.

If you are interested in helping with our mission of supporting needy transplant patients and their caregivers while they stay at Amy’s House, please use our donate button

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