We are off and running

Amy’s House has a certificate of occupancy and TRIO has hired an executive director, Mr. James E. Fly. We are so proud of the house and feel that it will fulfill our mission of helping people who are going through the transplant process at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. Please look through

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Almost Done

The house is very nearly done. Today workers were busy with the security system and the irrigation system. Earlier in the week, all the appliances were installed. We are on the home stretch. Please take the time to look at all the new developments at Amy’s House.

A Frenzy of Activity

Amy’s House is changing every day now. Workers are building the parking lot. Tile setters have been busy and bathrooms are nearly complete. Our beautiful cabinets are installed. The HVAC workers, electricians, and plumbers have been busy. Our sign is taking shape. Please go through the slide show to see the progress. We are so […]

Things Are Shaping Up

Even while most the area is locked down, construction on Amy’s House never stopped. The house is completely bricked, the trim work is done, and the interior is being painted. We have a lovely front door. It is so exciting to see this all take shape.

Great Progress!

There has been amazing progress on the construction site of Amy’s House. Every week brings us closer to our goal of providing affordable housing for transplant patients and their caregivers. The brick layers are hard at work and the inside of the house has been transformed because all of the wiring, plumbing, ductwork, sprinklers, insulation, […]

Progress Continues

Progress continues on Amy’s House. The new pictures show how far we’ve come. Our gable is ready for painting, the soffits are installed, and we have side and back entrance doors. And we have graceful columns on the porches. Inside, the electricians are hard at work.

And We Have Walls!

Amy’s House is starting to rise from the foundation. Framers are busy erecting the walls of the transplant hospitality house. The holidays will slow things down a bit, but once the roof trusses are in place, things will move along at a faster clip. We can’t wait.